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Dr. Gustafson treats a wide array of situations. He specializes in “empirically supported treatments”, that is, treatments that have been shown to work through clinical research. Every situation is unique, but there are commonalities and underlying principles that are at work, Dr. Gustafson works with these principles to help his clients get better. With over thirty years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families, he uses a combination of humor, self-examination, and principles of change to help people achieve their goals. He is one of only seven Board Certified Clinical Psychologists in the state of Mississippi, and has trained hundreds of psychologists across the country on advanced scientifically supported assessment and treatment techniques.
"I actually started my education in physics. I gravitated to psychology because the science behind it is so interesting, and so deep, that I fell in love with it. My main professional love is watching my clients face the very things that trouble them, learn to understand themselves and their environment, and to develop more mastery in the process. If you understand how something works, you can learn to fix it yourself." -Dr. Gustafson