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COUNSELING STYLE"My goal is to provide a refuge for you where you feel safe to let your guard down, face your fears, and find your true self. Let me walk alongside you, and together we can discover the path that leads to your freedom!" -Matt
Matt is a person-centered, relationship oriented therapist with training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Schema-Focused Therapy, and the practice of Mindfulness. Using this multi-faceted approach, Matt helps people learn how to stay in the present, break free from unhelpful thought patterns and false core beliefs that keep them imprisoned to unwanted and destructive behavior patterns, and find healing from emotional wounds in their past. In addition, he is theologically trained and offer a psychotherapy track that is more overtly guided by a Christian world view for anyone who desires this approach.  
"The Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung, said 'Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.' I believe that it is our attempts to cope with pain by consciously, and unconsciously, using unhealthy ways to avoid it that keep us locked in our 'prisons' of depression, anxiety, addiction, and anger." -Matt


Individual Adult and Adolescent
Anxiety Personality Disorders Addiction Trauma/PTSD Abuse
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy


Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Master of Divinity, Emphasis in Counseling